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January, 15 2012 — A Review

Photographers Survival Manual A Legal Guide for Artists in the Digital Age

Book ImagePhotographer's Survival Manual: A Legal Guide for Artists in the Digital Age

Edward C. Greenberg and Jack Reznicki wrote a straightforward, practical legal primer in conversational English.  The advice is quite applicable and does not waste time on legal theory what-if scenarios.  The authors provide clear examples and straightforward advice.  The book is not intended to be all inclusive as if to replace legal counsel.  But, it gives the photographer a place to start and the proper questions to ask when interviewing lawyers. 

Additionally, the two authors tackle certain topics head on, without dancing around definitive answers.  The advice also includes information, such as how tied into the publishing world New York standards are and advise any photographer to meet New York's stringent requirements, regardless of geographical location.

Greenberg and Reznicki deserve mountains of praise for this practical and clear book.

However, it lacks digital copies of the release forms they print in the book.  Nor are there digital copies on their website:

Hopefully, this shortcoming will be remedied at some point.

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